Full Service Demo Production

LA Digital Recording’s demo production services are among the best in the industry. By day, we’re recording and mixing for our television, radio, and advertising clients, including projects for Toyota, HGTV, Chevron, and Cheetos. By night, we apply our same expertise and experience to producing and mixing for our demo clients. Whether you need to revitalize an old demo or create a new custom demo from scratch, we have 3 packages to fit your needs.

If it’s your first demo and you’re trying to land an agent, or a fresh updated demo to keep your current agent happy, turn to LA Digital Recording.

Demo Tune-Up

Only $289

When your current demo needs freshening up, we offer our special Demo Tune-up for only $289. We’ll produce and mix 3 new spots from your supplied, raw VO tracks, and then edit them into your demo. We’ll also rearrange the spots, cutdown any that are too long and remove any material that no longer represents the best you.

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Complete Custom Demo

Only $889 for a limited time!

When you need a complete demo from scratch, customized to your personality and voice print, then look no further than LA Digital. We’ll make it easy, comfortable, and walk you through every step of the process. You’ll meet with one of our demo producers so we can sit down and design your demo, focussing on what types of spots are best for you, your voice, and current VO trends. We’ll write custom copy specifically for you and only you. You’ll come in to record your VO tracks with our director and engineer in one of our professional working studios. Then our talented team of engineers will go to work adding music & sound effects, and mixing & mastering your demo with the same level of quality and attention that we give to our major advertising clients. Our custom demo is normally $1099, but for a limited time, you won’t pay $1099, not even $999… you guessed it, we also record and mix infomercials… You’ll pay ONLY $889!

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Impact Demo

Only $489

Do you already have all of your high quality, raw VO tracks recorded, but need a professional studio to finish producing and mixing them with music & sound effects? Turn them over to LA Digital and for only $489 we’ll transform them into a professional demo with broadcast quality production and mixing that will help you make an impact.

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