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Congratulations! You’ve created a podcast but without professional editing and mixing you can easily lose your audience’s attention. We know that mixing and editing a professional podcast is both difficult and time consuming.
At LA Digital Recording, we’re here to save you time and help you shine.

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If you want to retain your audience’s attention you need a professional product that represents you and your brand. A professionally edited podcast can help you attract higher quality guests as well as advertisers.

We’re here to help busy professionals just like you podcast without having to stress over the post production process.

At LA Digital Recording, our team of professional audio engineers work with you the producer, to create a professional polished products that will attract and keep your audience listening from start to finish.

No matter where you live, once you send us your files, we will mix, edit and upload your show to your podcast host on a weekly basis.

Getting started is fast and easy just choose the package below that’s right for you and give us a call.

Your job is to create a compelling show, our job is to help you shine!

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Kiera on Fashion

Jason the Car Guy Podcast

Shandra's Whats Up In Hollywood Podcast

In order for your podcast to be produced at the highest level, we recommend you use the audio equipment our professional sound engineers recommend.


We’ll take your raw audio recordings and edit out any mistakes, umms, ahhs, coughs, and odd breathes. We’ll remove some pregnant pauses to keep your podcast flowing and your audience engaged.

Music & VO

Once your podcast is edited, we can take it to the next level by adding music and professional voice over intros, outros, throws to commercials, and returns from commercials. We use some of the top voice talent in LA and our music collection goes beyond the overused free music you hear on many podcasts.


Our mixing process goes much deeper than simply balancing the level of the voices and the music. Our team of experienced audio engineers here at LA Digital have the knowledge and the tools to mix your podcast at the most professional level.


The final step involves a process called mastering. This is almost always overlooked when someone edits their own podcasts. It involves bringing up the overall levels and with compression and EQ, creating a sound that’s consistent whether your podcast is listened to on a phone, in a car, on the computer, or with headphones.

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